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Is Online Therapy As Effective as In-Person Treatment?

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Is Online Therapy As Effective as In-Person Treatment?

Who Needs Therapy
At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we believe a problem isn’t a problem until it complicates your life. This means that, in life, we face problems every day, but, every once in awhile an issue, or event, arises that is so problematic that it gets in the way of the life we’ve enjoyed living or would like to enjoy living. Fortunately, help is available, and in many different forms, one of which is online therapy, also known as teletherapy.

Online Therapy and In-Person Therapy
Teletherapy, otherwise known as telepsychology, e-therapy or e-counseling, has been in existence for over 20 years and is fast becoming the resource of choice as more and more telepsychology services abound. These services successfully help those who discover this type of therapy is profoundly efficient, effective, readily available and affordable.

From the early 1800’s, when the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmond Freud, offered mental assistance to those in need, countless people have benefited from therapeutic counseling in a traditional office setting. However, as life has progressed into more complicated living with more complicated issues and less time available for help, teletherapy has become one of the best resources around.

Benefits of In-Person Meetings
All things considered there are benefits to both in-office counseling and teletherapy. For the in-office experience, benefits include:

  • the ability to meet in a physical location where the clients feels safe from the issues of daily life
  • feeling a stronger commitment to one’s mental health by driving to a dedicated mental health location
  • the ability to deal with severe issues in a more effective way
  • the ability to offer such services as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), play therapy, music therapy and more
  • Benefits of Teletherapy
    There are many reasons why teletherapy works so well, including having:

  • help as easy as dialing your phone
  • session that begin the minute you dial the number
  • the ability to help you anytime, anywhere
  • the ability to help those hesitant to seek in-office therapy
  • the cost oftentimes less because of no overhead
  • Deciphering What is Right for You
    At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we know choosing the best teletherapist is first and foremost, which is why we also know that a teletherapist must be someone who:
    provides therapy in a way that works best for you
    helps you feel comfortable enough to trust him, or her, with your most delicate thoughts and feelings.
    seeks to understand you and then help you discover what you are feeling and why
    helps you resolve your specific issues in a way that feels right for you

    At East-West Therapy Hawaii, we are passionate about the work we do. We know life is busy and we know issues can be huge, which is why we choose to be available for you anytime, anywhere.

    We invite you to contact East-West Therapy Hawaii for a free consultation where we can show you how much we believe in what we do and the help we can offer you today.

    How Exercise Can Help with Depression

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    How Exercise Can Help with Depression

    Do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine? Doctors and researchers are unanimous in observing that exercising can be very beneficial to your health, so give it a try next time you’re feeling persistently blue! Read on to learn about how exercising on a regular basis can ease those symptoms of depression.
    Exercise Eases Symptoms
    Exercising can be very beneficial to your mental health since it has been known to interrupt the depressive mental spiral in most individuals who suffer from it. Exercising can also help people who suffer from depression since it can take your mind off your problems when you are focusing on activities like kayaking or hiking through the woods. These types of physical activities can help with depression by keeping your mind busy. Hiking and kayaking are perfect exercises that make you take more notice of your environment and keep your body in shape when you are climbing a mountain or rowing a boat. Even a simple walk around your neighborhood can help you enjoy the simple beauty of nature and help calm nerves and stress levels.
    Release of Endorphins
    How exactly does exercising help with your depression? When you do high-intensity exercises like running, you can release endorphins that can help with the depression you’ve been feeling. This means you will feel better since endorphins are a natural chemical that’s similar to the effects of cannabis. The release of these endorphins will make you feel less depressed and also help with any anxiety you might have from other challenges in your life. This is why we all hear the phrase “a runner’s high,” because a runner can release those endorphins after a run and it makes them feel excellent afterward.
    How Do I get started?
    You might be wondering: how do I start exercising enough to reduce those depression symptoms? Well, it’s actually not that hard since exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week is all it takes for some people to see some results in their mood. Of course, even if you do 10-15 minutes of some kind of physical activity, it can be beneficial. As long as you are active to some degree such as riding your bike down the block, doing some yoga, swimming in the local pool, or taking up gardening. However, having a partner come with you to the local yoga studio or be by your side can help you stay with it. Either way, these types of exercises can make a significant impact on your mental state as well as help with other health problems that could come your way in the future such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

    If you decide your depression is getting too out of hand or want a professional therapist to talk out your problems, call East-West Therapy Hawaii today! Dr. Conti can help you get through your depression and give you a safe and confidential environment to share your life story. Take advantage of Dr. Conti’s expertise as a therapist and teletherapy specialis: call us today to schedule an appointment or have a free 15-minute phone consultation!

    Alienate Anxiety with Spiritual Coaching

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    What Causes Anxiety

    Anxiety can be something you’ve had all your life, it can develop slowly over time, or become something that is referred from other stress in your life spilling over. Little things like taking caffeine, skipping meals, financial woes, and any negative thinking will cause an anxiety attack. It comes down to fear, and fear can develop from anything, at any time. There are even medical conditions that can cause anxiety disorders, like issues with your thyroid, recreational drug use, or rare tumors that mimic the “flight or fight” hormones. We at East-West Therapy Hawaii can provide spiritual coaching, a teletherapy technique that helps calm you and develop a way to prevent it from affecting you.

    Effects of Anxiety

    Anxiety can manifest itself into a variety of symptoms. Sometimes they are physical, like weakness, nausea, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations. They are usually linked to debilitating thoughts that go round and round. The effects of anxiety can be detrimental over time. It makes your love of life dull over time. Anxiety can become a chronic issue, where you won’t want to leave your house. Reach us at East-West Therapy Hawaii before it gets that far. And if you are at that point and need help, our certified therapists are here to provide teletherapy services and create a customized plan to get you the help you need.

    Anxiety left unchecked will cause panic attacks. These can be very small spasms, to full muscle spasms. Anxiety can happen during things like public speaking, stress, personal triggers, and financial concerns. An anxiety attack in a public space can add stress just from that factor alone.

    How Spiritual Coaching Help with Anxiety

    Spiritual Coaching is a great way to understand and release your everyday anxieties and pressure. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, spiritual coaching is great for people of all religious attitudes. Sometimes anxiety can stem from a spiritual crisis. Sometimes little issues over life have a domino effect, and all of a sudden you won’t know where your life went wrong. East- West Therapy Hawaii is a no-judgment-zone. Our certified therapists provide a space for you to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment for spiritual coaching in Honolulu, HI..Give us a call to find out who you are, and how that will help ease your anxiety.

    What Is Teletherapy?

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    We at East-West Therapy Hawaii are here to serve and nurture you and your unique needs. We provide the best telepathy services and know how to provide excellent care around your busy schedule. Residents of Honolulu should schedule a 15-minute free consultation with us at East-West Therapy Hawaii for a new supportive and safe space.


    What is Teletherapy?

    Teletherapy with us at East-West Therapy Hawaii is off-site therapy with visual and verbal videos or verbal phone calls. Teletherapy provides the ability to receive service from a licensed, caring therapist, without impeding on your schedule. The sessions are entirely based on what you want to discuss and change in your life. It is our job to make sure you achieve your full potential in all your endeavors. We at East-West Therapy Hawaii help overcome the unique obstacles that block you from getting the services you deserve. Schedule a call with us today so we can get you on the road to a new, healing perspective.


    How to Choose a Teletherapist

    The best way to choose a teletherapist is to see if you agree with their method of therapy. Dr. Conti at East-West Therapy Hawaii use the Jungian method to support your personal development. We provide a trustworthy, positive relationship so you get the full benefit of our services. This study of therapy is perfect for teletherapist services because we can be reached whenever you need help finding stability, wherever you are. Read on to determine if East-West Therapy Hawaii is best for you.


    What is Best for Me?

    East-West Therapy Hawaii makes it easy to fit the best teletherapy services into your busy schedule. Call us today for a free consultation to decide how we can help you be the best person you can be. East-West Therapy Hawaii wants to be your safe space for new beginnings.

    Teletherapy is best if you:

    – Live in a rural area and cannot drive the long way to an office.

    – Your anxiety does not allow you to be able to see a therapist in person.

    – You are in the Military and would like to discuss the anxiety that comes with being in an unfamiliar town.

    – Your busy schedule either from home activities, or business travel, does not allow you to fit a longer session in.

    If any of the above fit you, or if you feel like you need someone to talk to about mental services, give us a call at East-West Therapy Hawaii. We’re here to help you live your best life.

    Techniques to Deal with Anxiety

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    Anxiety Management Techniques

    Anxiety attacks can be debilitating, putting a halt to your day until it passes. Every patient experiences anxiety differently, with different causes, symptoms, and treatments. It’s important to diagnose anxiety as early as possible to avoid future agony. Identifying triggers and planning effective treatments helps to keep it under control so you can get on with living your life. Here are some of the causes and symptoms of anxiety attacks, as well as treatments in Honolulu, Hawaii, that may be effective and techniques that can help you reclaim control.

    Diagnosing and Treating Anxiety

    Generalized anxiety is not restricted to any one age group and can appear in both children and adults. It is usually caused by a combination of biological and environmental influences. Typical causes and triggers of anxiety include:

    Brain chemistry: Some people have imbalances in their brain chemistry, which can result in other disorders like depression.
    Genetics: Some research suggests that anxiety disorders may run in families. This could be due to genetic factors, the environment inside the home, or both.
    Personality: People whose personality is naturally timid, nervous, negative, or cautious could be more susceptible to developing anxiety disorders.
    Development: How a person develops throughout their life could impact their vulnerability to anxiety.
    Experiences: Traumatic experiences, especially during childhood, often lead to anxiety, depression, and other conditions. Significant life changes may also have an impact.
    Medical history: Certain conditions within a person’s medical history may increase their risk of developing an anxiety disorder.

    These triggers can manifest in different ways. Some common symptoms of anxiety include:

    Excessive worrying about events which do not have an impact equal to the worry
    Excessively planning solutions for numerous worst-case scenarios
    Seeing situations as threatening when they may not be
    Struggling with uncertainty
    Indecisiveness due to fear about making the wrong decision
    Not being able to let go or move on from worries
    Feeling restless or on edge
    Trouble concentrating
    Fatigue and/or insomnia
    Muscle tension and muscle aches
    Excessive nervousness
    Excessive sweating
    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


    Best Anxiety Management Techniques

    There are things you can do at home to prevent and control anxiety. Here are some great tips for anxiety management:

    Keep a journal. The act of writing about events in your daily life can help you to gain perspective and stay calm about their outcomes. It will also be helpful when meeting with a therapist because it will enable you to point at certain things that may be causing anxiety.
    Prioritize issues in your life. Anxiety can strike when events seem more traumatic than they need to be. This causes you to spend too much time and energy worrying about them. You can avoid this by practicing careful time management.
    Stay active. Keeping up with a routine of exercise and physical activity can help reduce stress, manage anxiety, and keep your mood positive.
    Get enough rest. Anxiety can often cause fatigue, and not sleeping well can make it worse. Make an effort to get enough sleep to reduce stress. If you find yourself struggling with insomnia, speak to your doctor about treatment so you can sleep better.
    Relax. Use relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga, to keep your stress level low and make it easier to manage your anxiety.
    Take a break. When you feel anxiety or worry setting in, take conscious steps to cut it off – take a walk, dive into a hobby, tackle a manual chore. This will break the cycle and keep you from dwelling.


    Anxiety Therapy/Teletherapy

    Treatments for anxiety vary by patient since not every treatment will be effective for every person. Generally, cognitive behavioral therapy is regarded as one of the most effective treatments for anxiety disorders. It is a short-term treatment which focuses on teaching specific skills so the patient can manage their anxiety and return to everyday activities.

    Teletherapy is also an effective form of therapy for anxiety disorders. This involves communication via video, phone, or email for the treatment of anxiety. Patients who are very busy with families and work may find this option helpful. It is also ideal for those who suffer from extreme anxiety that keeps them from leaving their home.


    Don’t Suffer from Anxiety Alone

    Anxiety can intrude into your daily life, keeping you from socializing and participating in certain situations that cause stress. There are techniques you can use to manage your anxiety, but they should be used in conjunction with therapy from a professional. This will give you the support and insight you need to be successful in your quest for a healthier and less stressful life. Dr. William Conti at East-West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, can help you identify your triggers and establish a plan of treatment. He offers traditional therapy, teletherapy, and counseling for anxiety. He also can help with other issues, such as depression, grief, addiction, eating disorders, sexual identity, and others. Contact East-West Therapy Hawaii today to make an appointment for treatment of your anxiety in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Benefits of Couples Therapy

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    Most couples try to work things out on their own, or with the advice of family or friends. But many more couples today are turning to couples therapy to sort through and resolve their problems. If troubled couples don’t seek help from a professional, a good relationship could be lost forever, and this could even impact future relationships.

    Schedule Your Free
    15 Minute Consultation Now!


    The Benefits of Relationship Therapy:

    – An objective view of your relationship. A non-biased professional can see things in your relationship that you may overlook.

    – Help in gaining insight into your relationships and/or behavior. It’s hard to fix an issue if you don’t realize what it is or how it’s affecting each other.

    – Resolving patterns that aren’t working in your relationship. A good couples therapist can help you identify harmful patterns and replace them with ones that help your relationship grow and improve.

    Couples therapy can also be accessed via teletherapy, which is a term used to describe online therapy, where an individual or couples interact with a therapist over the internet via Skype, video, Facetime, or another mode of video/audio communication. It’s the same kind of face-to-face interaction you’d receive in a therapist’s office.

    Teletherapy is a good option for those who may not otherwise seek therapy the traditional way. It avoids traffic, travel time, and is perfect for those with hectic schedules, or for those who feel more comfortable doing therapy in their own home.


    What to Expect in Couples Therapy

    In couples therapy, a couple can expect to take an honest look at their relationship and talk about behaviors and emotions, and underlying problems. This can be uncomfortable for a couple who lacks communication skills but is actually very helpful in working through issues and saving the relationship. It takes honesty and willingness to listen and, in some cases, turn negative thought patterns and behaviors into positive ones.


    How Couples Therapy Can Help Your Relationship

    Couples therapy can help your relationship in a number of ways:

    – Helps you identify what is and what isn’t working in a relationship.

    – Evaluate your relationships with an objective eye.

    – Gets to the root of the problem with the analysis.

    – Offers solid, practical advice on how to fix your problems by changing broken patterns.

    If you live in Honolulu and Waikiki and would like to talk to a professional about the possibility of couples therapy, simply pick up your phone and give East-West Therapy Hawaii a call or fill out our contact form here.

    Teletherapy is more than just a trendy way to participate in couples therapy—it actually could save your relationship.

    How Therapy Can Help Make it Easier Coming Out to Family and Friends

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    What Does Coming Out Mean?

    “Coming out of the closet,” or sometimes simply “coming out,” is a term used for the process that LGBT individuals go through to accept their orientation or identity and share it with the rest of the world, especially the people closest to them. It can be a difficult and anxiety-ridden process for many of these individuals. It’s a personal choice to come out, but having a solid support network can help.

    Finding Help When Coming Out

    An important part of a support network during the process of coming out is a therapist who will be both empathetic and objective. They should be familiar with issues that are common to the LGBT community, including the difficulties associated with coming out.


    Interested in Talking to a Therapist?


    LGBT Teletherapy Counseling

    Teletherapy is the name for mental health services conducted by electronic means. This could be through video sessions, like Skype calls, or verbal communication over the phone, email, messaging, or other mediums. Many patients can benefit from teletherapy, such as those who travel frequently, have very busy schedules, or deal with anxiety that keeps them inside their home. It can be especially helpful for LGBT individuals who wish to keep their sessions private and confidential.

    Don’t Do It Alone – Seek Help From an Experienced Professional

    An experienced therapist can help make coming out easier for LGBT individuals. East-West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers one-on-one counseling and support groups. They also offer teletherapy and online therapy for those too busy or anxious to meet in person. The center’s primary therapist, Dr. William Conti, is experienced in individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Contact East-West Therapy Hawaii today to find out how they can help you!

    Managing Depression Through Teletherapy

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    What is Depression Teletherapy?

    Also called telepsychology, telemental health, telepractice or distance therapy, it’s one aspect of virtual medicine. People who need depression therapy sometimes can’t travel to a therapist’s office — those who live in rural areas or need a specialist not available locally. For them, a virtual office visit can provide the mental health care they need via email, online chat, phone call or video conference. Obviously, there are limitations — the therapist can’t see the full body language of the patient, and your teletherapist must have a license in your state.

    So far, however, the benefits have outstripped the challenges. One study indicated that, after 18 months, three-quarters of patients using phone-based therapy reported their depression much or very much improved. Less than two-thirds of that study’s participants receiving regular care made the same self-evaluation. One study is hardly conclusive, but it says the program is working for some and should be on the options list.

    Using Teletherapy to Manage Depression

    Regardless of how the teletherapy is conducted, some generalities apply:

    Therapy sessions are private between you and your therapist, as with more traditional methods. It focuses on altering your activities and thinking patterns to produce a happier, healthier life.

    You, the patient, always control your therapy. You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to. What might you discuss? Anxiety, conduct boundaries, communication skills, depression, personal/professional goals, sleep habits, relationships and more.

    The therapist will help you choose enjoyable activities or better ways to do what you already do. Over time, new habits form as you begin to experience positive feelings; you repeat the positive behaviors, leading to more fun in daily activities which leads to physically feeling better.

    How long does teletherapy take? Sadly, that’s entirely individual; it takes as long as it takes. Humans are complex creatures, there a few quick fixes to our problems.

    The Top Psychotherapist in Honolulu

    East-West Therapy Hawaii offers individuals a safe, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, and nurturing space where they may explore and grow. Dr. William Conti, Ph.D., uses Carl Jung’s methodology because Jung’s concepts connect the psychological and spiritual aspects of life. He’s found that psychological terminology is often used to describe experiences which are actually spiritual and vice-versa. Whether via teletherapy sessions or in-office depression therapy, Dr. Conti and the staff always put our patients’ health as our top priority.

    What Is The Jungian Methodology?

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    What Is The Jungian Methodology?

    Western medical models tend to view inner struggles as symptoms or disorders that need to be fixed. The Jungian methodology, however, disagrees with this view. Created by Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung (1875 – 1961), the Jungian methodology views these struggles as a means of communication from the psyche. According to this methodology, your psyche uses these inner battles as a way to announce that something new is on the horizon.

    The Jungian Methodology is often considered a psychology of your unconsciousness. It uses conscious, unconscious and physical manifestations, energies and behavior to investigate and determine the psyche’s call. (This is unlike Western medical models which typically only addresses the conscious and psychical indicators.) It often includes dream work, active imagination, explication, and amplification. In the Jungian methodology, these techniques help the therapist and patient to identify what the psyche is attempting to convey.

    Benefits of Using the Jungian Methodology

    The benefits of the Jungian methodology go beyond the Western medical models. Therapists who employ the Jungian methodology do not judge, isolate, or fix a person. With the Jungian methodology, a therapist does not negatively label an individual. Instead, they work with their patients to fully understand the changes the psyche are calling for. Providing them with a positive, supportive environment, therapists who utilize the Jungian methodology enhance individuality and foster humane relations.

    Every person’s psyche strives to help him or her live up to their full potential. Jungian methodology helps support one’s journey and personal development. Because the Jungian methodology focuses on all of your personal energies, it creates a more conscious and balanced psyche.

    A Wholesome Approach to Teletherapy

    East-West Therapy in Hawaii offers Jungian methodology-style therapy. However, sessions are not limited to in-person treatments. Dr. Conti also offers teletherapy sessions.

    Still using the Jungian methodology approach to wellbeing, teletherapy sessions allow Dr. Conti to work with patients who may not live in the immediate area. They also allow local patients to continue their therapy sessions while away on travel. This means patients can continue to work on understanding their psyche and finding balance any time, anywhere.

    The Jungian methodology approach can help anyone find the balance between his or her psyche needs. Contact East-West Therapy today to find out more!

    Reduce Your Stress Levels and Panic Attacks with Anxiety Therapy

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    We have all felt some levels of anxiety at some point in our lives. However, for some, anxiety goes beyond an occasional occurrence. Life with anxiety can prevent you from thoroughly enjoying life. At East-West Therapy, we strive to help you break free of the chains created by anxiety.

    Benefits of Anxiety Therapy

    If your anxiety is significantly impacting your ability to partake in and enjoy life, it is time to evaluate what events, activities or behaviors are triggering these feelings. Anxiety therapy is a great way to safely explore these imbalances in your life in a secure, nonjudgmental way.

    At East-West Therapy, we work with you to address ongoing issues and help you to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Because each individual feels and reacts to things differently, our therapist will aid you in determining what your specific anxiety disorder is trying to tell you.

    Anxiety therapy comes with plenty of benefits. It helps you to learn to rationalize a situation before anxiety can escalate it. By being able to calm your thoughts and take the time to think – you can take control of your anxiety before it takes control of you. This control can also help you to change how you feel about yourself, encouraging positive thoughts instead of discouraging ones.

    Anxiety Teletherapy

    Anxiety teletherapy is a great way to connect with your therapist in today’s modern society. No longer do you need to rush across town to attend an anxiety therapy session. Now you can log in and enjoy the help of your therapist from virtually anywhere.

    The benefits of anxiety teletherapy expand upon those offered by the traditional office setting. At East-West Therapy, we offer two versions of this digital therapy. Video sessions allow you and your therapist to communicate visually and verbally for the duration of your session. For those who prefer just verbal communications, we offer teletherapy sessions via the phone or computer. This means you can still be at your kid’s soccer game, traveling for work, or within the safe confines of your home and still receive quality anxiety therapy.

    If you are tired of living with anxiety, contact us today to learn more about our anxiety therapy and teletherapy services.