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Is Being Selfish Always Bad?

We are taught to share from a very early age. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, sharing is good. Putting others first is an important part of many philosophies. Even commercials on TV will suggest we spend money helping others with their troubles. Sometimes we may not want to help others though. Perhaps we’re struggling to see where we can give to others. Maybe we feel as if others...
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Aging Together as a Couple with Couples Therapy

It happens to everyone. Time passes and we get older. The fun part is that we often see it in others much more than in ourselves. This can become especially hard when we are one half of a couple. The person you married 20 years ago is not the person sitting across from you at the dinner table today. What we fail to remember is that we aren’t the same person they married either. The same...
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Effective Goal Setting Could Help With Depression

Depression, true clinical depression, is a horrific burden to bear. Struggling with depression can manifest in many way, and be made worse by many things. One of the more common problems a person fighting depression encounters is feeling as if they cannot accomplish anything. A highly-depressed person is not going to wake up in the morning, throw open the windows, and yell out “I can do...
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Does Nature Help with Depression?

There is something blissful about being out in nature. When you’re stuck inside of an office or live within the city, your brain is going a mile a minute and you never get a chance to fully relax. While the world is moving into rapid development, it’s easy to forget that nature can make you feel better. If you’re feeling down, stuck, and sad, considering talking about it with someone who...
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5 Reasons to Chart Mood Changes

Angry to happy to sad to apathetic — fluctuations in mood can provide vital information about what may be going on behind the scenes with your mind and body. At East West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, Dr. William Conti, PhD, has extensive training and experience in guiding clients in creating and maintaining a positive, healthy mood. However, any imbalance can negatively affect your whole...
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4 Ways to Free Yourself from Negative Thinking

We all have a voice in our heads that constantly assesses our words, behavior, events and environment. At times, these thoughts can be both negative and critical. While some constructive criticism can be beneficial to improving one’s self, a pattern of negative thinking can distort your perception of who you are on the inside and outside and taint your interactions with others and the...
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